server not getting Gateway and DNS

  • Answered
my server is got getting proper internet connection it has got IP address and Netmask. My gateway and DNS entries are blank. I am able to get SSH connection from it, my website is also running fine but it has no connection to outside world. I have installed GUI and VNC server in it. Here is the screenshot of it : of (root) at 2016-05-13 14:58:20.png
Hello arpitjindal1997, Thank you for your question regarding Networking. Your server does have that information but it is managed at a higher level than what you would have access to as we manage it on the node itself. If you contact our support team I am pretty sure they wouldn't mind revealing that information to you but it may be a security risk for some sort so they may not at the same time. If your server did not have a Gateway setup then you would not be able to reach your server as the connection would fail. Best Regards, TJ Edens