ISO currency code after price on Prestashop

  • Answered
We need to add the ISO Currency code after all the prices on Prestashop, something like $ 1.00 MXN
On the currency section of the back office we can se option to change the symbol or change it before or after, but not the set the sign before and text or de code after. Also we followed this but it did not worked.
Hope any one has a suggestion, thanks.
Hello armando.contreras, Thank you for your question about displaying the ISO currency code after the price in PrestaShop. I spent some time looking, and could not find a "built-in" way to accomplish this in PrestaShop. This means you will have to custom-code/develop a solution, or use a 3rd party module (such as Custom Price Text / Hide Price Module). I will continue to look further into this, and post any updated information I am able to find. Thank you, John-Paul