Cart getting reload when check to see payment getway then nothing work

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I am using brinks checkout the only payment getaway of my store. on cart page when i click on 'Terms of service' to see payment getaway then module boxes appear with all their boxes but at this time if i do anything like increase product quantity or change carrier etc then cart gets reload and after that shipping address and invoice address box going empty and if i increase the qty then page getting reload or if i change carrier then cart summary not calculate it while before check on 'Terms of service' all was working fine. in JS console it show (TypeError: items[field_item].replace is not a function) while that same was working fine before check on 'Terms of services'. When i check "Terms of servics" then it inject two JS files
1- 2co.min.js
2- jquery.blockUI.js
and am sure that is the reason.
Please help me am loosing my sale.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your checkout in PrestaShop. I am not able to duplicate the issue in a test version. I have a few questions that may help you narrow down the issue.

1) Are you on the most recent version of PrestaShop? If not, you may want to upgrade using the 1-click Upgrade module. Be sure to make a backup of your files and database before you do that.

2) Can you test any other payment gateway and see if it works that way? If so, then it would be the Brinks module. If not, then it may be in the main code.

Once you narrow down the issue a little better, you will likely need to find someone familiar with PrestaShop code, such as a developer to assist with the issue.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M