Increasing PHP post_max_size and max_execution_time

  • Answered
Hello, newbie here, my WP theme ask me to increase my " post_max_size to +128" and "max_execution_time to +30" , i have multiple websites(business hosting) using the same theme, so i want to change the parameters for all. I have read a lot or similar cases and i 'm lost, please help me with the correct steps to follow.
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Hello, Thank you for contacting us about increasing post_max_size and max_execution_time for PHP. You can change/increase your PHP settings in your php.ini file at any time. This is covered in our full article How to Change PHP settings in your hosting account. I recommend making the change to the php.ini in your /public_html folder, then making it recursive. This will allow the rule changes to affect all subfolder (also known as child folders). You can confirm the change with a phpinfo page. Thank you, John-Paul