1-Click Module Not Detecting New Prestashop version

  • Answered

We've been on using Prestashop for a over year now. Shortly after launching our store, we installed the 1-Click Upgrade module in order to make updating easy.

Right now, when I log into my Prestashop dashboard, it says there's a new version available. Yet when I click on "Check if a new version is available", it says "You come from the future! You are using a more recent version than the latest available!'. The module is also unable to compare our files' version to the new Prestashop release.

We've never had this issue in the past. A month ago, we duplicated the site on a different web host. And it would work there.

I contacted the Inmotion tech support, unfortunately, they are not able to help.

Anybody has any ideas how to fix this?

Hello, Thank you for contacting us about an issue with the "1-Click Upgrade" module in PrestaShop. When troubleshooting issues, I first recommend enabling error reporting in PrestaShop. I found a post in the official PrestaShop forums, where they discuss this exact error. In that post one user was able to correct the issues by restoring the database (since it was corrupted by attempting to manually update). Another use replaced the 1-click module with the latest version, and it corrected the issue. I also recommend reviewing any changes that were made before this issues started occurring. Specifically, any new module installations, or manual coding changes. The last modified date can be view in cPanel File manager, and may provide additional clues. Thank you, John-Paul