Images are not being indexed after moving to your vps hosting

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I recently moved my 2-3 websites on your server. Before that images were properly indexed by google. After i move my site to your server, None of my image are showing in google images. Are you using cdn? My images are coming from help me to get my images index in google again. My website url is Apart from this, i m facing problems in uploading images in wordpress.
I have created only one cpanel and have added other sites as parked domain but this should not be the reason behind it? please provide me with a solution.
Hello nrteam31,

Thank you for your question on image indexing after moving. Simply moving servers should not have an impact on your indexed images, unless there were some URL changes made. If the URL of the images has changed, Google will need to adjust to recognize the new URLs. We do not use CDNs by for our hosting accounts. That is something you would need to add if you wanted it.

Having more than one parked or addon domain, or even another cPanel on the server will have no impact. Indexing is entirely a Google thing, so unless they are adjusting to new URL addresses for you, you would need to ask them why images would suddenly disappear.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M