Server not available; Ghost

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Hey there!

I just installed Ghost via Softaculous, and every time I try to save something in the admin panel, I get a red error saying "There was a problem on the server, please try again." and a pop-up that says the server is unavalible..

Any ideas? Thanks. :)
Hello thomje112,

Sorry to hear you are getting a 'server unavailable' error when using Ghost. I was able to duplicate the issue on your shared server. When speaking with the System Admins, they say the only thing Ghost can do is be installed on a shared server. After that, it does not work. This is due to Ghost needing node.js, which is not on our shared servers. It was removed from the Softaculous list previously, but it appears it somehow was placed back in. To use Ghost, you need to have a VPS or Dedicated plan so you can properly set up the server.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M