need reliable plug in for landing pages with A/B testing

  • Answered
previously used WordPress In Bound Landing Pages plugin. Slowed my site and it was vulnerable to malware that took out my past site.
Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated

Thank you for contacting us about reliable plugins for landing pages with A/B testing. There are so many it is difficult to recommend one that would meet your individual needs. However, there are guidelines you can follow as you search through plugins.

* Choose plugins from reputable developers
* Make sure you are using the most recent version
* Consider how long the plugin has been supported and if the developers seem willing to continue supporting it
* Make sure the plugin is well-rated with other users

These are some basic guidelines to follow but you can always download and test a plugin to see how it works for you, but make sure to delete a plugin if you don't want to continue using it -- for security reasons.

Christopher M.