Error message while trying to send email

  • Answered
When I try to send an email, I keep getting the error message "There was an error sending your message. Message cannot be delivered. The address was not found, is unknown, or is not receiving messages." I don't know why this is happening. It's happening with multiple clients that I have emailed before, so I know the addresses are correct. I also know they are receiving messages, because when I go try to send them a message from my gmail account it goes through just fine. However I do not want to be sending emails from my personal account, I want my business account to work! Plus it is happening with multiple clients, and there is no way everyone's email address isn't working at the same time. Please help!
Hello, Thank you for your question about your email being returned after sending. I took the limited information I have about your account and took a look into the server logs. I do not see any error messages that mention that an address was not found. When a message is returned, you should get notified via 'bounce back' email message, which it sounds like you are receiving. You can forward that bounce back information (original email body not required) to our Live Support team via a verified email ticket and they can take a look. There is likely some information there that I do not have that the technician can look at to help you with. Certainly if you successfully sent an email to an address before, you should still be able to, unless that email account or domain name has expired or now points to another server that has not yet been set up properly. Kindest Regards, Scott M