Need to add more menu items to WP.

  • Answered
I need to add more menu items to my WordPress site, but it seems I am limited to only 80. How can I increase this?
we've updated the php.ini file to reflect:
beta ini_set('memory_limit','384M')
added "php_value max_input_vars 5000" to the .htaccess file.

Still not able to add more menu.
Please help.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues reaching a limit in your WordPress menu items. I see that your current php.ini file has the max_input_vars set to 15000. If that is still not working, you may want to bump the memory_limit from 384 to 512M. It is rare that raising the max_input_vars does not fix the issue. If that still does not work, you may want to consider a plugin others have found useful. This may help you. It is called Add Descendants As Submenu Items. I would give that a try and see if it corrects the issue. Kindest Regards, Scott M