Redirect from main domain to a subdomain with login log out and regist

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Using wordpress I would like to use a menu item(login) to redirect to a subdomain with a login and register page .Can't seem to get this to work. On which domain would I put the login? Tried now for about 2 days and still can not figure it out. I a noob at this but I am going to upload wordpress to the sub domain to build a family site hence the login and registerpage.

Thank you for your question regarding WordPress. Unfortunately WordPress does not operate like this as I am not even sure why you would want to redirect to a subdomain to login to the main website. If you want to hide the WordPress logins/registration you can use a plugin called Theme My Login. However if the subdomain has a separate system on it please provide the url and we can try to assist you with your menu item.

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TJ Edens