www issue on server

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site: Tamsgroup.com

I got this message from my client's (TAMS Group) new IT company:
TAMS is having issues accessing their website internally. When they type www.tamsgroup.com it automatically resolves to tamsgroup.com. The issue is that the PCS are automatically looking at the server because it has the same domain as the external domain name. Is there a way that it could also allow www instead of it automatically going to tamsgroup.com? Any help would be appreciated.
Hello, Thank you for your question on allowing the www version of a site. I see the site in question is created by WordPress. WordPress allows one main site configuration, either www or non-www. If the domain is typed in with the 'other' method, it will simply convert to the one set as the main. If you want, you can change the WordPress settings to only use the www version. That may help you. To do that, check out our article on Changing WordPress Site and Home URLs. Kindest Regards, Scott M