Wordpress Admin Buttons/Dropdowns etc not working

  • Answered
This is a very strange issue - I have two Wordpress blogs that both have this issue. When I log into wp-admin, the dropdown menus (for example: screen options and help) don't do anything when clicked. The side panel menu doesn't bring up the options for each heading unless clicked (so no mouseover) and if I go into a page or something similar, the buttons inside the edit won't work (add media etc).

The Support Chat here told me to ask the community as this is a very strange issue that doesn't seem to have an answer as of yet.

If anybody could help that would be great! We have tried disabling all the plugins and this did nothing.
(I'm the guy who asked this question)

The problem is now solved. We reinstalled a few file directories and it finally worked. Something must have been wrong with the original install.

Thanks for your help!
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding WordPress. Have you recently upgraded your WordPress installation? Have you put your website in debug mode to see if there are any PHP errors when clicking on the buttons? I would suggest the debug mode as it should provide some insight on what is happening. Best Regards, TJ Edens