Can I delete Information_Schema database created in my MySQL database?

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Sorry if this has been resolved before, as I have just moved to InMotion Hosting from another hosting provider and I noticed a database was created in my phpMyAdmin called "Information_Schema" which I don't think I have created. I cannot see it when I am on the MySQL list of database page in cPanel but I can see it when I am using phpMyAdmin. So my question is : Is it ok to delete this "Information_Schema" database without causing any problems or is it needed by the web hosting system? Thanking you kindly in advance for any answers.
Hello hgordhan,

Thank you for your question on deleting the Information Schema database in your phpMyAdmin tool. That database keeps metadata about your databases on your account. It is not advisable to delete it as it is necessary for a functioning MySQL database installation.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M