Wordpress - cannot type anything on posts and pages

  • Answered
I cannot type anything on posts and pages, it was changed last month and I had trouble so far.

I tried to deactivate pluggins not work at all. I tried to change the theme and it still not work.

I was told please move the pluggins files and try to test each of one but I do not know how it works. Please help.

I need to update my website.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress posts and pages. That is definitely not normal behavior for WordPress. Most issues are due to theme or plugins causing interference. We have an article on how to disable the plugins that you can use. If disabling them all at once allows you to type in posts or pages, then it is one of the plugins. To find out which one, rename the plugins folder back to 'plugins' and then go into it. From there, rename each plugin except one and then test. If it still does not cause the issue, go back and name one of the renamed plugins back to the original. Then test again. Do this over an over until you finally have the issue again. This means the last plugin you named back to the original is the issue. You will want to either update the plugin if possible and try again, or remove it and get another plugin that has the same features. Kindest Regards, Scott M