Website in BETA and Launch Phase

  • Answered
I want only homepage with email collector to be visible when the website is in beta phase.
Same time I want to create different pages on the website., but I need visitors and crawler not see it.
On the launch day,I want google as well visitors to see all data altogether.
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about developing your site privately. You have many different options as far as setting a private development area. You can try setting up a subdomain for your site development and allowing access to it only from your IP address. That will mean you can develop the site from the subdomain and Google will not be able to crawl it, and the site will be private until you move it to the primary domain. You may also consider developing your site in a hosting environment on your computer -- a local host, basically. Anything you develop there will be private, and you can upload the files when you are ready to make them public, and then Google will be able to crawl the new files. Best, Christopher M.