uploading a website from xara web designer

  • Answered
I installed abante cart and then deleted it out of sql database and then built a webpage in Xara and uploaded it and it will not show just a warning message from abante saying there was a problem
Hello modified armor, Thank you for contacting us about errors after uploading the Xara web designer. You mentioned you had originally installed Abante cart. After deleting that Abante installation, you may have some core files lingering. Did you use Softaculous to install and/or delete the installation? If you did install your programs with Softaculous, I advise using Softaculous to uninstall them as well. That will make sure all the core files and databases are removed. If you deleted your Abante installation manually I advise going through the files on your server again to make sure all of the older Abante core files are gone. Once you are certain you have removed the old files you can re-upload your Xara site, refresh your browser cache, and see if your new site loads. Best, Christopher M.