Re-developing our website in WordPress on InMotion Hosting

  • Answered
Hi, I currently have a squarespace site ( that I want to rebuild using wordpress. I have hosting through InMotion already but am wondering what the best way to build a site would be since the URL is currently directing to the live site. I am using InMotion to host another site (, I'm not sure if using an add on domain would be helpful or not. I am sure it's an easy process but I just need help with which direction to go.
In the process of this transition, I would also like to change my main domain around, since will now be the parent site and the radio site could be a an add domain.

Thanks in advance.
Hello , Thanks for the question about rebuilding your site with WordPress and how to go about it. You can build your site using a subdomain with your account with InMotion Hosting. When you are done, you can then migrate the site to the primary domain location. The migration at that point is very easy as the database doesn't have to be moved. You would simply have to re-configure WordPress for its new location. We also have the migration steps for moving WordPress in a series of tutorials. The tutorial articles were written for bringing in a WordPress site from another location. As I said earlier, you would only need to use a few of them if you were migrating it from an internal location. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.