Error Msg: Unable to download GridBlock Sets

  • Answered
"Whoops! There seemed to be a problem downloading the newest GridBlock Sets."

I've downloaded an "Inspiration" which I have customized. I am now attempting to add pages to my home page where I have created a Main Menu using the names of the Sub-domains I have created. I want to create pages for each of the Sub-domains. Am I going about it incorrectly? Why am I encountering this message.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are getting an error about your GridBlock Sets. Could you provide any information on what you are doing to get that error? The more detailed the steps, the better. It is important for us to duplicate the error so we can troubleshoot. So far, our test sites are not experiencing that behavior. As for your question on adding pages, you can certainly set Menu Items to point to subdomains. However, the issue you will have is pointing the subdomain to a dynamically generated WordPress page. That is not normal behavior for WordPress, though it has been discussed in the forums in the past. I only found a single thread that gave a possible solution, but it is quite dated (7 years old so far) so it may not work. Kindest Regards, Scott M