Second IMAP account only has Inbox folder

  • Answered
I have added on email account to my email client (using eM Client). The first IMAP account showed up with an inbox folder, deleted, sent etc. When I added the second IMAP account (both are on my server @ inmotion) it only showed up with an inbox folder. How can i get this account to contain the same default folder setup?
Hello Scott, Sorry for your problems with the IMAP folders for the second account in your eM mail client. This particular email client is a third party solution where you may need to go to get specific support. I checked their community support page, but I didn't see anything specific to the problem that you are describing. Typically, email clients that support IMAP will automatically add folders on the account or they will have a subscribe option. I could not find any documentation about folder subscription in the eM website. I would double-check the second account settings and make sure that it is set as IMAP and not POP3. If you find that all of the settings are correct and you still have the problem, then you should contact eM support as they may need to be involved to resolve the issue. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.