log on to new addon domain to build site with BoldGrid

  • Answered
I added a new domain to my account. I intend to use BoldGrid to build a new site but can't figure out how to get started with the new domain name.
Hello toolatetotheparty, Thank you for your question on setting up BoldGrid for your Addon domain. Once you have added the addon domain, you should be able to visit the URL to see that it is added correctly. You may only see an 'Index Of' page, but that is fine and means it is connecting. Now you can install BoldGrid via your AMP. Use the option for setting up a test site and you will be able to select your addon domain from a dropdown list. That should install BoldGrid to your addon domain for you. If that fails, it is also possible to get BoldGrid set up by installing WordPress onto your addon domain, then installing BoldGrid by selecting the third option in AMP where you download the Inspirations plugin. Then log into your WordPress dashboard and install the plugin there. Kindest Regards, Scott M