How to change menu and widget background in BoldGrid?

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I want to change the background of both the social media menu (upper right) and footer widget (visual editor) to transparent in BoldGrid theme Hifidel ( ). I've searched and tried a few code options in the Custom Theme CSS but no luck.

The BoldGrid Customizer only provides a way to add and remove widgets but not a way to modify them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hello George,

We have been looking into this issue for you and we found a solution that may help. The background colors are controlled by the WordPress "Customize" feature in most cases. This means CSS changes made directly in the .css file will not always take effect. In order to avoid this you can add "!important" to the background color style. This will override the style from the Customize menu.

Here's an example:

.site-footer {
background: red '''!important''';
Hello gentryave,

Thank you for your question regarding BoldGrid. Have you tried editing the files in the editor itself? What changes are you trying to make as I may be able to assist on the code required.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens