Can't Launch my Site Problems with Domain and MySQL

  • Answered
1) We placed site data to the right place but it doesn't work. What's wrong?
2) We failed to connect to MySql DB using our login and pass. We inprinted the localhost data but due to smth we couldn't connect. Please help))
Hello, We're sorry to hear that you're having problems with your site not launching because of the domain and MYSQL settings/problems. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of what URL website you're referring to. Can you please provide a URL related to the problem, account information, error messages and steps to duplicate the error? This would help us in troubleshooting the issue for you. If you wish to handle the issue privately, then you will need to contact our live technical support team (contact info is available at the bottom of the page). Otherwise, please provide us the requested information and we can investigate the problem in more depth. Kindest regards, Arnel C.