Is PHP 7 already installed in cPanel?

  • Answered

I just want to know if PHP 7 is already available in cPanel/server? PHP 7 is a must upgrade.

Thank you.
Hello MelodicCrypter,

Thanks for the question about PHP7 on our servers. Currently, if you're on any server loaded with the default cPanel installation, then PHP 7 is not installed. Our hosting servers use the latest stable versions of centOS that includes the versions of PHP. Version 7 is not currently part of that build. However, if you are on a VPS or Dedicated server and you have root access, then you can install it yourself. If you do not have root access, you can request that it be installed for a VPS or dedicated server by submitting a verified support ticket. Our systems people can install it, but please understand that cPanel (the interface you use to work with the server outside of SSH) has only released support for that version in beta as per a post on their support community 1 day ago.

I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know!

Arnel C.