Unable to login to MYSQL via command line on Windows 7 computer

  • Answered
I have installed MySQL on my own Personal computer. Windows 7. I can log into -uroot on the SQLWorkbench. For the command line I get the password prompt, type in the same password and get "Access Denied" What is happening?
Hello DavidWmOlson, Thanks for the question about the MySQL login via command line. First, I need to point out that our normal support for MySQL is for the hosting environment. Use on your personal computer is typically outside of our support boundaries. However, I did a little digging and found out the possible answer to your question. If your user is getting permission denied statements, then your user is most likely not set with the proper MySQL permissions. As per the MySQL manual: "Users in the MySQL grant system are wholly independent from any login users under Microsoft Windows." Check out this page for resetting permissions in MySQL if needed. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.