WordPress "can't open file"

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One of my wordpress installs' wp-admin is completely inaccessible. The site is up and is fully functional for external users. I can see and access the login page. However, when I login, my wp-admin/index.php says "can't open file." When I access the front-facing site, the wordpress bar at the top is visible, but every link from it gives me the same blank page "can't open file."

I searched wordpress support and most posts say it's a database issue. I've checked the MySQL database and it reports OK in both the MySQL cPanel and in the MyPHPAdmin.

I am not having this issue with other wordpress installs on my domain.

I found this link on google because I had this issue. So I went into my file manager in GoDaddy. I wen through each of my Plugin Folders look for a recent day modified (I haven't made any changes for about a month).
I found a folder called "WordPress Support" folder in my plugins that I never installed. Also the last modifed date was yesterday so I knew something was up.

I renamed the folder and files and boom it fixed it. I can now get into my admin page.

Hope that helps
Hello Jollyandy, Thank you for contacting us about the "can't open file" error in WordPress. It sound like you've done some good troubleshooting. We'll be happy to investigate further. How did you check the database? Did you try to repair the database in cPanel? Did you make any other major or minor changes to the site recently? Anything that you can identify close to the time it started to show that error? Best, Christopher M.