Opencart undefined error for product option

  • Answered

I have been getting the same error constantly in my error log in regards to my product options. This is the error code:
PHP Notice: Undefined index: image_product_option_value in /home/folder/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_model_catalog_product.php on line 428

This is the code that is on this line:
'image_product_option_value' => $product_option_value['image_product_option_value'],

I have no knowledge of coding but it's probably a comma out of place or something so simple. Any help is appreciated. I'm using opencart Journal2 template.
Hello luxealoure,

Thank you for contacting about that product option error in Opencart. When did you notice the error first appeared? Did you make any changes to the source code? Did it happen after installing the Journal2 template?

Christopher M.