Set up WordPress testing/development site

  • Answered
Hi, I'm a new InMotion customer setting up a new WordPress site. The InMotion tutorials appear to indicate two methods for setting up a testing and development site. Option 1 is "Making a duplicate Wordpress site for development and testing" which seems thorough and more complex. Option 2 is "Installing WordPress using your Temporary URL" which seems simpler. Are either of these viable? Any features or details to be aware of when considering one approach or the other? Thanks....
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about setting up a WordPress testing/development environment. Yes, both methods are viable, but the Temporary URL method can be complicated later when you must rename the Site URL to the proper domain name. This has be done in the WordPress `wp-config.php` file and anywhere in the database that refers to the Temporary URL. One of the simplest methods is to install WordPress under the domain you want to use (primary or addon domain) and set up a hosts file modification in your local computer to point to that domain. Also, you could use a Maintenance Mode WordPress plugin to develop privately before launching your site. Thanks for your question! Best, Christopher M.