Error from cURL: Error [35]: SSL connect error

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I am assuming "100-2608132" is the support ticket number which initiated by us. Like to draw your attention regarding Curl SSL error 35. I am requesting you to have a look over ftp location "/public_html/Dynamic/includes/modules/shipping" and download the file "upsxml.log". There are lot of errors related to curl with SSL. I have enclosing the exact error tag here "Error from cURL: Error [35]: SSL connect error
Kindly, get it resolved asap.
Hello quickfix1,

Thank you for your contacting us about a "cURL: Error [35]: SSL connect error." We reviewed the log you provided, and curl is attempting to connect to UPS, but is responding with an unknown ssl error from UPS. This does not seem related to PHP version.

According to the error this is due to connecting with an unkown SSL. I recommend checking your UPS connection setting in regard to the SSL.

Also, ensure your shipping plugins are up-to-date, since I noticed some recent updates in regard to UPS shipping.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,