Wordpress Multisite on Hosted Server

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I’m close to making this work but I don’t quite have it figured out. What is that final step in CPanel that I'm missing?

1) I have a WP blog for xxx.com that resolves to xxx.maindomain.com.

2) I have an existing site on the same hosted plan for me.me that resolves to me.maindomain.com. I want this to be a WP site and would like to use a common code base, a multisite setup.

3) I setup Wordpress 4.4.1 for multisite so I can run me.me on the same code as xxx.com. I seem to have the setup working fine according to various advice online. wp-config and htaccess are modified per instructions all over the Web and I used the code given to me during multisite setup.

4) In CPanel I created a wildcard subdomain *.xxx.maindomain.com. IMH and other sources said to do this but I have no idea why.

5) In the Subdomains panel I redirected me.maindomain.com to me.xxx.maindomain.com and now the url says me.xxx.com. I want me.com.

6) In Wordpress Network Sites I have xxx.com and me.xxx.com. When I put me.xxx.com in a browser it can’t find the server it should have propagated the DNS servers by now.

I think I’m missing the step to point me.me to me.xxx.com but display jimpreston.me in the browser url. Thoughts appreciated!


Hello, Thank you for your question on how to set up WordPress multi site. Of course, once set up properly the different sites should work without redirect malfunctions. Unfortunately we would need to view your settings in the back end of your site for all the correct settings, etc. This is something that our Live Support would be able to do with you. You may also want to consider why you would need a multi site setup instead of a couple of different installations. Multisite may offer easy administration via a single dashboard, but it also offers a single point of failure in the event of a hack or database corruption. Add to that the fact that multi site is more difficult to manage overall. Just food for thought in case you entertain the idea of a multiple instance setup. Kindest Regards, Scott M