Problems in visualizing my site in https

  • Answered
Hello, after my migration I've lost the SSL certificate I had with the other provider. Now I'm using CloudFlare Flexible SSL but I get only blank pages using https, with the exception of Google Adsense. You can see the problem here:
I've got two questions:
1) May I recover my SSL certificate from the other provider's server and install it here?
2) In alternative, there's a way to fix this problem affecting the https version of my site? A permanent redirection from http to https, perhaps?
Hello Mario, Thank you for your contacting us about an issue with viewing your site in https. Yes, you can move your SSL over to us. You will need to create a CSR, and install the SSL. Unfortunately, there is no alternative. If you want to use the https, it will require an SSL. Also, keep in mind you can Purchase an SSL from us directly. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul