Adding TXT and SRV records

  • Answered
The DNS editor is slightly different than other systems I use. First, it does not allow an "@" symbol for a TXT record. I assume the domain name takes its place. Second and more important is the SRV record has no protocol field. I added 3 SRV records, 2 that should be _TCP and 1 that should be _tls. How do I add the protocol to these records?
Hello, Thank you for your question on Adding TXT and SRV DNS records. You are correct in that the @ is replaced on our server with the domain name. As for the SRV records, there is no protocol field. This is resolved by adding the protocol to the end of the service. For example if the service is '_sip' and protocol is '_tcp', then in the first field, enter '_sip._tsp' (no quotes). Do notice there is a . between them. That will take care of the lack of protocol field. All other fields should be the same as you are expecting. If you wish, you can also send the information to our Live Support team and they will add the SRV record from their interface. Kindest Regards, Scott M