Do not have root access to use wget

  • Answered
I have accepted and checked AMP "get and change root access" option. So, I login as: root. Then, I use the long password it provided.
But it is access denied.
I guess the only way to use wget requires root access though, right? Because when I access my vps with user account, I cannot use wget, so I cannot install the latest c++ compiler, node or npm when I follow the instruction you provided in this page:
It shows error "[user] is not in soduers file. This incident will be reported."
So how could I get the root access or install the package from web?
Hello psfr937, Thank you for your question on root access for wget. I am able to use wget on my VPS without logging in as root, so you should have the same access. If you find that you cannot, be sure to contact the Live Support for individual account assistance. As for getting root access, you can request root access via your AMP (Account Management Panel) Kindest Regards, Scott M