Two websites with one domain

  • Answered
The packaged I purchased said I can have 2 websites using one domain. How can set this up? I'm using Wordpress.

Thank you for your help.
Hello [email protected], Thanks for the question about two websites with one domain. Actually, that is a little confusing. You can actually have to different domain names. Your Launch account type supports two MySQL databases. This means that you can have two WordPress sites (since they require a MySQL database in order to operate). If you look at the Add another Domain name to your account tutorial, you will see how to add the second domain. You can also have ONE domain name and then create a second website using a subdomain. Basically, when you create the second website, you will choose the subdomain for the WordPress installation. Remember that the limit of WordPress sites is based on the limited number of databases. If you're NOT using WordPress and your website doesn't require a database, then you can have several subdomain type websites (e.g.,, etc.). I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.