How do I change the default server page for my VPS?

  • Answered
When I browse to http://the_ip_address_of_my_account, I get to the default server page.
I'd like to know how would I be able to change the default server page. Is there a way to do this without asking for root access to my VPS? I just can't get there from the File Manager.
This page is under http://{server_document_root}/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi and it has a page which contains the inmotionhosting logo. I want to change this with a rebranded page with my own logo.
Hello, Thank you for your question on changing the default server page for your VPS. To change this particular page you will need root access. Any server wide branding will need that access since it is administrative and server wide in nature. However, to do it, you can log into the WHM, then look for "Account Functions". Once there, select "Web Template Editor". Inside the editor, the first tab is the one for the default web page. If you have a template you would like to place there, you can upload it to your account and then have our Live Support team replace the default one for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M