Problem with Visual Composer

  • Answered
Hey guys,

I'm having trouble with uploading images into a gallery in Visual Composer. I have 10 images that I want to load into the Masonry Media Grid to use as a photo gallery. I've uploaded the 10 images to the WP Media Library, they work fine. The Media Grid will let me load ANY 2 (sometimes 3) of the 10 images but if i try to add more than that the load screen stalls and I have to cancel out of it. I've tried using other Visual Composer elements to achieve the same effect and I've also tried using other WP plugins. Every time, some of the images load but most don't.

I've deleted and re-uploaded the images, deleted the Masonry Grid and rebuilt it, disabled and re-enabled Visual Composer and nothing has made any difference.

I've also tried to use the Duplicator plugin to copy the site down from the InMotion hosting but it throws up a server error when building the package. I'm wondering if these two things could be related.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress Visual Composer plugin. Unfortunately I am not able to duplicate and troubleshoot a premium plugin. You will want to check into the Common WordPress troubleshooting guide to see if that helps. I am not able to locate a free support forum for the plugin, however they do offer support. Kindest Regards, Scott M