Cannot login to cPanel with new domain

  • Answered
I purchased a new domain name. I added the new domain in my main domain cPanel. Everything seemed to go well. When I go to I do get prompted to login as normal. However, when I try to log in I just get instantly kicked back to the login screen--no "incorrect login/password" or anything like that. Is this just because I still need to wait for my domain DNS to propagate?
Hello AndyA15, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with getting into your cPanel. When logging into the cPanel, whether you use a domain name or the server name itself, you will always use the same cPanel username and password. Remember, there is one cPanel per hosting account that controls all the domain names on it. That being said, you may want to try using you primary domain name or the server name to see if you have the same behavior. I was able to get into your cPanel using the format: Keep in mind I use a master password, so it is not an exact duplication of your method. The difference being the password. You may want to check out our articles on changing your cpanel password in AMP and logging into cPanel in case you miss any details. Kindest Regards, Scott M