Adding Images in Abantecart

  • Answered
I am unable to add images to categories or products in abantecart. After media is selected the left panel (Dashboard) with the selection options: Dashboard, Catalog, categories, Product, etc changes color from blue to white and image thumbnails appear.
Hello, Sorry for the problem with adding images in AbanteCart. This particular product is a third party product that may differ in interface based on version. I loaded up version 1.25 to look at the process of adding images. When I did that, I did not see the issue that you are describing. If I want to add an image in categories, I click on Categories, select the product category, then click on edit, then general. At this point I see images on the right hand side and I can click on the plus symbol to add another graphic. I don't see the "media selected option in the left hand side" of the dashboard. For me it's on the right hand side. I did not have any problems adding the graphic. Check out AbanteCart's support forum: Adding an Image in Product. This may help provide information from a user viewpoint. You may need to communicate with AbanteCart's support team if you continue to have issues with the application. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.