Can't login to Drupal 7 site, among other problems

  • Answered
I was able to login earlier today. At some point the admin menu in drupal stopped showing up, but would return if I closed the browser and retried. Then I logged off. Now I can't log back in. I've checked the users table in phpmyadmin. The admin account is still there. If I go to /user, the User Account page shows correctly. If I enter the ID and PW, the page just reloads and doesn't actually log me in. Other symptoms are that no items are added to (even anonymous) users' shopping carts if they click "Add to Cart" (Drupal Commerce). Also, the web feedback webform won't send mail if submitted. A couple hours before I experienced problems, I was editing .htaccess . Thinking that I screwed something up, I used cpanel to back it up and create a bare bones one. Its content now is below: ++++++++++ ## Do not show directory listings for URLs which map to a directory. Options -Indexes # Follow symbolic links in this directory. Options +FollowSymLinks # Make Drupal handle any 404 errors. ErrorDocument 404 /index.php RewriteEngine on ++++++++++ A couple hours previously I had also tried using the Shell (drupal) module in InMotion for the first time in order to load a patch the the XML Sitemap module. The Shell module wouldn't function correctly, so I edited the module file directly. (Just telling you this in case it triggers someone's memory about linkages.) Totally stuck here, although the site displays all saved content and internal links work. Nothing "functions", though.
Hello billlucas0, Sorry to hear about the Drupal 7 login and shopping cart issues. Do you have error reporting enabled for Drupal? If so, do you see any errors? If you do not and cannot get in to enable it, you may want to try enabling via the php.ini file. You will also want to know the specific versions of Drupal 7 and php you are running. This may be helpful in troubleshooting the issue. With the .htaccess file that was edited, was it a default copy before the edit or did it have other information for things such as Search Engine Friendly URLs? Everything sounds as if it may have had that enabled, which would break things when redirects are supposed to occur. Kindest Regards, Scott M