Joomla style lost after changing domain name

  • Answered
by changing domain name in our development website. we lost Joomla style, but still can see the article.
menu bar was there but lost the drop down menu.
Already searching the database changing all the possible old url to the new domain name.
Any help or idea?
Hello widma, Thank you for your question on losing style on your Joomla site after changing the domain name. Are you referring to the style sheet formatting? If your formatting goes away after changing the domain name, then it is likely a path in some configuration that referred to the old domain name. Since it cannot be found any longer, it errors out and cannot locate the css file. This will result in the formatting not being applied. The article content itself, however, still usually displays. You will need to check your configuration file to see if the old domain is in there. If so, then change it to the new one. Kindest Regards, Scott M