deletion issues in public folder

  • Answered
please the hard drive in the cpanel instantly got full, went into the file manager and found several unnecessary files , have tried deleting everything in the public folder, after deletion , everything disappears but when to reload the page the folders reappear as broken folders, i need help clearing everything. its an emergency
thank you
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having deletion issues in your public_html folder. You want to be very careful when deleting anything from the public_html folder. The public_html folder is the base folder for your account. If you remove things that you need, it can certainly break your site. If you have backups, you may want to restore the files and folders you removed and then take a look at them individually before trying again. If you are on a shared or VPS hosting plan and your total accounts are under 10GB, then we may have a backup for anything that was there about 24 hours ago. You can contact Live Support to request a restore. Kindest Regards, Scott M