Unable to locate most files with WinSCP

  • Answered
I want to install WP manually, and I've done nothing to any files yet in my website. I'm able to log into my account fine with WinSCP, but all I can see is the root and the .ftpquota file. There is no public_html cgi or any other files shown, but still I can see these files fine in my File Manager within cpanel. Is this a permissions thing or whatever. I also have a website on BlueHost and all the files are readily visible as soon as I log in with WinSCP. I need to find the public_html file so I can upload the WordPress files.
Hello Servo98, Sorry for the problem with logging in with WinSCP and not being able to see your files. It depends on the account that you're using to login. If you're using an FTP account that you created, then you may not see all the files depending on the directory you selected to have access for that account. Check out this tutorial. If you login with your cPanel user name and password, then you should see all of the files with no problem. By the way, installing WordPress 4.31 manually is okay, but we also do recommend installing WordPress using Softaculous. It very quick and provides installation management options such as cloning, backups, and uninstalling. It's free on shared server accounts but requires a purchased license for VPS or Dedicated server accounts. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.