IMAP Mail Duplicate Trash folder message

  • Answered
I've got strange issue with Outlook 2011 running on a MAC computer.
Every message deleted goes to the trash folder, that fine.
But when synch with server occurs, the message in the trash seem to disappear momently and reappear doubled. One is marked read and the other is unread.
I've search I lot about this issue thinking it was an Outlook bug, but after trying couple of related solutions without any success I'm asking here.

Could it be related to a mail servers config or do you have any idea how could I fix it.

Hello Gogue, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your IMAP Trash folders. I have not heard of this specific issue before. IMAP should duplicate what is on the server. Are you subscribed to the Trash folder? Also, as a test, do you see the second Trash folder when viewing through webmail? Kindest Regards, Scott M