I cannot login as root to my VPS

  • Answered
I enabled root access in AMP and copied the password. However, I cannot login with this password to WHM (login invalid) or over SSH (access denied). Tried both IP-address and https://vpsXXXX.inmotionhosting.com:2087
I also tried resetting root password in AMP, the new passwords were also invalid.
Is the user name root or something else? I already tried my VPS user name, too.
Hello msaluste, Sorry to hear you are having issues with logging into your VPS as root. Yes, when logging in, you should use 'root' as the user. The tool in the AMP should be the way to reset that, but in my testing, it seems to not be working correctly for your situation. Our Live Support team can certainly help you with this, as you will need to verify the account to do so. Please contact them and they will be able to get your password reset properly so you are able to log in. Kindest Regards, Scott M