Probs with temp admin url, wp setup (by inmotion) & submitting tickets

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Hi everyone,
I just signed up for hosting last night and received 3 emails, one to say my account is active, one from billing and a welcome email. All good.

I clicked on the link to my Temp Admin URL in the Welcome email (I ticked the box for wordpress install when signing up) and it redirected to where my site is hosted elsewhere. Strange, so I submitted a ticket to check whether that's right.

That was a couple of hours ago and I was just looking around in AMP and saw a different link for my Temp URL in Account Technical Details and clicked it.
This link took me to where I think I maybe should have been taken, but it's not an admin login. It's the main page of a wordpress blog and it isn't displaying properly anyway. It's all text lined up down the left of the screen, and no proper formatting.

I tried to check on my ticket so I could add that info and a screenshot, and 1. there's no web interface for tickets (how do we view responses to them?) and 2. I didn't receive an email about submitting a ticket.
So I don't think the ticket went through, even though it said it did.

Also, I had a couple of Account Notifications when I first went into AMP. One was about "Setting your Support Center screen name", which I did. But when I came to the support center I wasn't logged in and I have no idea how to do that. Do I use the same password for AMP?
I tried getting my password sent to me and it said my email isn't registered. So what was the support centre screen name that I made?

Could someone please look into this for me please? I have no idea what I should do next..

Jane :)

Hello Jane,

Sorry to hear you are having a few issues getting started. We will check the Temp Admin URL issue from the email to ensure it is working properly. If it was the "Temp" it should have been in a format like: '' and not a '' style.

In the AMP, under Account Technical Details, you should see the 'Temp URL' as well as the 'Temp Control Panel'. The 'Temp Control Panel' is the admin login.

I looked at the Temp URL and see a stock WordPress install. Currently, the theme is a default theme and is displaying as it should, though it is a bland theme. Are you now seeing the blog correctly?

When you create a 'ticket' within the AMP, it simply creates an email. Responses are not viewable online as they are emails and are sent to the email address you entered in the form.

The 'Support Center' is separate from the AMP, so they currently do not connect. This is due to differences in the systems and getting the security of these systems to mesh properly. We are working to tie them together and even add a viewable ticket system in the AMP in a future update, to make it easier.

As for the online 'Support Center' you can either create an account or submit questions anonymously. It is a stand alone system, as I said, for now so these tickets, questions, etc, do not tie to the Live Support system, which is 24/7.

The Support Center is a public forum and open to questions from the entire world, whereas Live Support is specifically for our customers and can work with account specific and more sensitive information in private.

I hope that information helps and that you are getting settled into your account. Be sure to contact us with any questions you have!

Kindest Regards,

Scott M