Website loading very slowly

  • Answered
Our websites ( and have been loading exceptionally slowly. On average it was taking 20 seconds or more to load a page. We do not have any videos or anything like that on our sites that would be causing such loading times. We need our audience to have our pages available to them instantly or else we will be having a high bounce rate. Can you please look into this issue with our sites?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about your websites loading slowly. Since they are both created using Joomla, I recommend reading our guide on How to Optimize your Joomla Site. This will address most common causes of a slow Joomla site. I also ran both sites through a GTMetrix scan, which provides additional detailed information. This indicates that both sites seems to have the same issues that should be addressed: Specify image dimensions, Defer parsing of JavaScript, Leverage browser caching, Minify CSS. Clicking them in GTMetrix will provide specific recommendations. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul