Gzip/Deflate not working with JS & CSS

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Dear Support,

I have a new VPS and I Setup everything but GZIP and Deflate modules are not working with JS and CSS files.

What can I do?

In Cpanel I don have Website optimize menu point.

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Thanks for posting your question regarding troubleshooting Gzip and Deflate not working. I'm sorry to see you are experiencing this issue. This setting can be adjusted using the Optimize Website interface in cPanel.
However, since you mentioned it is not available in your cPanel, you may need to modify your feature list assigned to the package for your cPanel account. The instructions linked above should help guide you to the area in WHM where you can modify (and create) a feature list.

Simply use the drop-down menu to select the feature list that is assigned to your cPanel account then click on the Edit button. In the list, you should see Optimize Website, click that checkbox and then click Save.

Once you have that enabled, you can log into cPanel and you will see Optimize Website. From that interface, you can enable compression.

I hope this helps!

Carlos D.