Cannot Edit Stored Procedure

  • Answered
The edit buttons for the stored procedures are greyed out in phpMyAdmin. If I select the procedure by clicking in the left panel the procedure window will open but the body of the procedure will be blank. Any ideas? It was working a few days ago.
Hello Bdutil,

Sorry to hear that you're having problems with editing the stored procedure in phpMyAdmin. Without knowing the database you're referring to and the user assigned to it, it's hard for us to specifically determine exactly why you can't edit the stored procedure in phpMyAdmin. However, it is possible that when the table was created, the user assigned did not have sufficient permissions to make changes in the database. Are you using phpMyadmin directly in the cPanel? Or are you using an installed version phpmyAdmin?

Provide us a little more information and we research the issue in more depth. Please indicate the database you're editing and steps you're taking to get to your problem.

Arnel C.