Where can I report 'Spam' to a useful type database?

  • Answered
there used to be places one could forward SPAM to which enabled RealTime Blackhole lists to work well.

So where do I now froward SPAM to if I was so inclined?
Is there an extension for Thunderbird email client? Or is there a semi-automated way to forward known, actual, SPAM ?
While it can't be stopped, when enough are reported, somebody, somewhere, realises that Open-Relay ISP's are helping the spammers and block their domains ... so I would like to get back into forwarding the darned nuisance crap.

Hello, I am not sure of any way to automatically forward spam to RBLS, however you can follow the steps displayed in this article to report spam to SpamCop which is who we use as our RBL. Best Regards, TJ Edens