How do I delete a custom SSL certificate and start using AutoSSL

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I had purchased a Comodo SSL Cert for in the past, now I want to use AutoSSL. However, I can't seem to delete the Comodo SSL cert, which means I can't use AutoSSL. What do I need to do the get this corrected?

John-Paul B
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Hello staylor,

Thank you for contacting us about deleting a custom SSL certificate. How SSL's are setup/removed set up depends on your hosting plan. For example, if you have a VPS or Dedicated server you can manage the AutoSSL in WHM.

If you are on a shared or Business hosting plan, you have to manage the AutoSSL in cPanel. We also have a separate guide for adding a free AutoSSL to Reseller accounts. If your problems persist, our Live Support team can assist you, they are available 24/7.

Thank you,